AnalyticsPBI: All the Bells and Whistles Your Big Data Teams Need

We've all heard about the growing shortage of data scientists - those highly skilled folks that are equal parts statisticians, mathematicians, and programmers. But big data should not be limited to just that group - business users, analysts, and quants (data scientists included) should have the tools they need to analyze it, no matter the size or complexity. That's why we designed AnalyticsPBI, our standard enterprise-grade analytics application that is web-centric, cloud-ready, and fully supports batch, streaming/real-time, and geographic analysis on data sets of any size:

  • If you're an analyst, our point-and click analytics enable you to derive critical insights and actionable information so that you can easily ask and answer questions about your business, operations, and processes.
  • If you're a quant, the ability to seamlessly create and visualize complex models and analytics involving very large data sets will significantly shorten your discovery process.

Fast Data Mashups

Through its intuitive dashboard, AnalyticsPBI easily mashes up data from any source, including:

  • Internal operations.
  • High volume streams like stock tickers, social media streams, clickstream data from websites or mobile games.
  • Sources tracking geo- or location data.
  • The ever expanding universe of IP enabled devices (the Internet of Things).
  • Emerging public data market batch offerings from companies like Microsoft Azure Marketplace, InfoChimps, and
  • The Web.

Simply connect a real-time stream or upload your data in one of our many supported formats (.XLS, .CSV, or TXT). Regardless of the data size or complexity, we make data uploads easy—no heavy conversion pains.

Easily Derive Insights and Actionable Information

AnalyticsPBI is a real-time streaming, web-centric, cloud-ready big data analytics application that solves the analytics problems of the 21st century, including the three V's of big data—volume, variety, and velocity:

  • Its Google-style search feature makes for effortless queries over any size data sets.
  • Its point-and-click analytics—a single click can take you from a time series chart to a geo-coded map to a correlation—enables you to quickly derive critical insights and actionable information that can then be used to drive your business.
  • Its Correlation Engine makes it possible to derive simple to complex correlations. For business users and analysts, correlation is as easy as typing search terms in a query box. If you are a quant, you can bypass the interface and build more complex models using any .NET language (such as C#, C++, VB.NET, etc.).

Handles Your Most Complex Analytics Problems

Powerful and easy to use, AnalyticsPBI handles the most complex analytical problems of any size—enabling you to seamlessly create and visualize complex models and analytics involving very large data sets. Model development is easy. PatternBuilders full statistical library allows you to script new models in any .NET language (such as C#, C++, VB.NET, etc.), to any level of complexity. You no longer need to learn a new proprietary language or go through an intricate number of steps to use or share new models: simply create the model, press a button, and go.

An Economical Big Data Business Model

All PatternBuilders applications are deployment and development-light: no mammoth investments in data centers, armies of expert programmers or consultants, or training in proprietary tools are required. AnalyticsPBI’s unique hybrid deployment model is designed to run in the cloud (to take advantage of computing efficiencies), on premise, or both—you decide.


  • Scalable, user friendly web UI
  • Google-style search for effortless queries
  • Real-time Streaming, Batch & Geo Analytics
  • Designed for Mashups (Web services, Files, RDB, Hadoop, EDW)
  • User upload of data (CSV, XLS, TXT) with no heavy conversion pain
  • Sophisticated, yet simple-to-use Correlation Engine
  • Single click takes you from time series chart, to a geo-coded map, to correlation
  • End user-, analyst-, AND programmer-friendly
  • Deployment-neutral: cloud, on-premise, hybrid
  • Fan out scalability